Multi-Family Investment Without the Hassle.

Investing in multifamily real estate can be complex and challenging, especially when managing assets on your own. Our team of experienced professionals has developed a vertically integrated platform to quickly identify and execute value-add opportunities, maximizing your returns on investments.

Specializing in Multi-Family Properties.

Finding & Executing Value-Add Opportunities in the Multi-Family Market.

You need a partner that understands the challenges and opportunities in the greater Seattle MSA and Pacific Northwest multi-family markets. With Cadence, you can leverage our expertise in redevelopment, repositioning, and operational excellence to drive value creation and maximize your returns.

A Vertically Integrated Platform

Careful investing with a calculated approach.

Investing in the multifamily real estate market doesn't have to be a gamble. With our team of experienced professionals & comprehensive approach, it's a formula for success. Our vertically integrated platform allows us to quickly identify & execute value-add opportunities, maximizing your returns on investments.

Cadence Real Estate

Investments & Capital

Providing you with the carefully vetted opportunities & expertise to maximize risk-adjusted returns & unlock the full potential of your investments.

Cadence Builds

Construction Management

Our construction management services are designed to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, & create value for your investments.

Peak Living

Property Management

Our best-in-class property management ensures that each property is efficiently & cost-effectively managed for maximum long-term returns.

Property Management


Our team takes care of all maintenance needs to ensure that each property is safe, clean, & well-maintained for residents.

A proven track record of success

A History of Superior Results for investors.

Cadence has a long history of successful value-add projects & a strong portfolio of properties that have increased in value and attracted high-quality tenants. Our disciplined investment strategy and expertise have consistently delivered superior results for our investors and partners.

Realized Investments
Value-Add Investments
Invested Equity
Total Capitalization

Opportunity Sourcing

Our extensive network of relationships & market presence offers you a robust & consistent flow of first look at potential investment opportunities, targeting transactions in the lower/middle-market subsector (under $40 million) & providing creative solutions through enhanced operations  & optimized capital & ownership structures.

Underwriting & Due Diligence

Our Underwriting & Due Diligence team provides real time knowledge of each submarket, speed of decision-making,and  thorough underwriting. We are focused on downside protection, achievable operating metrics and exit options that maximize risk-adjusted returns through prudent and accurate model assumptions & scenarios.

Closing & Onboarding

Our reputation and track record ensures we are able to consistently acquire properties at favorable prices and terms , create a smooth and seamless closing , and execute on a successful value creation business plan for each investment from start to finish.

The Proven Choice For Property Investment.

We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality investments with the potential for strong returns. With our comprehensive approach, individual and institutional investors have the opportunity to benefit from the lucrative multifamily real estate market without the burden of managing the asset. We look forward to working with our clients and delivering results.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out.

How do I receive distributions?

We typically plan to distribute funds from available cash flow on a quarterly basis once a project is stabilized. The amount and timing of these distributions may fluctuate based on cash flow and capital needs for each period. The specifics of the distributions, including the size and timing, will be determined by the business plan and the performance of each investment.

What fees are involved?

We typically charge a one-time transaction fee at time of closing and a recurring quarterly asset management fee.

What are your reporting standards?

Property updates: We aim to provide quarterly updates for each property within 45 days of quarter-end. Tax reporting: We aim to provide annual K-1 statements in a timely manner, typically by early April each year.

How does Cadence Real Estate manage risk for its investors?

Cadence co-invests our own capital alongside our investor’s in each and every project, ensuring our interests are one and the same.

What is unique about Cadence Real Estate’s vertically integrated platform?

Successful investing in real estate is not passive and risk-free. It entails careful, aligned and active management to drive projects to succeed. Cadence’s fully integrated property management and construction services enable us to have maximum control of every project from start to finish, reducing project risk and aligning incentives.

Where and how does your firm identify and evaluate value-add opportunities?

Our primary focus is on the Seattle region but we selectively invest in other markets as well. We focus on acquiring well-located multifamily properties at an attractive basis, with the opportunity to actively add value through a combination of improved management, operations and capital improvements.

How does Cadence Real Estate structure transactions with investors?

Depending on the investment, we typically form a joint venture or syndication.

What is the average length of time your investments are held?

We typically target 3-5 year hold periods for our projects.

Who can invest with Cadence?

Investors must qualify as an accredited investor to invest with Cadence.

What is the extent of Cadence Real Estate's experience in the multifamily market

The team at Cadence has a proven record of re-positioning multi-family assets in the Seattle area. Since 2008 we have successfully realized over 30 out of 45 investments. Our total transaction volume is in excess of $350,000,000. Please contact us for supplemental information.

A history of maximizing returns for investors

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself.

Our portfolio of properties showcases our success in value-add projects. We increase the long term value of our properties through cost-effective renovations, professional property management to attract and retain high-quality tenants, resulting in steady cash flows and return on investment.

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